Sunday, April 5, 2015

April update.

Good morning to you all and Happy Easter! 

I hope you are all having a magical and relaxing weekend so far, and that Easter Sunday brings you happiness, love and plenty of chocolate to indulge in! 

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Today I am going to try my hardest to write a very quick monthly update, as I feel I need to mention a lot of bits and bobs - so prepare yourself! (a bowl of mini eggs might be required!) 

So there has been a lot of things happening on my side of the fence that include a whole variety of elements. I will divide them into subheadings so it is easier for me to write and yourself to read! 

Blogging ::
Yes blogging did take the back burner throughout March for a while - there were a few reasons and to be honest I am not going to bore you with the details. I will firstly admit that I always have the ideas and intentions in my mind but it is always knowing how to execute them to the standard that I am thinking - I always dream of the end result, but do tend to become lazy and have the constant thought that I cannot recreate it as good as the first, but to be honest no one can. You are bound to but your own spin on the aspect and make it your own, but it is trying to come up with a unique idea that I occasionally struggle with. I have always had trouble with the content I want to produce and how - but I think now that I am somewhat on a path to finding and creating it! It all just takes time and practice :: nothing will be perfect first time around - there is always room for improvement! 

Today I plan on making a list (yes another one!) about future blog post ideas + series,  and  I might even start to print and cut out some ideas to pin together on a board for a constant inspiration. A fresh positive booster is all I need to get me on my merry way, so all I can do now it knuckle down and start creating. 

Studying :: 
So I am storming through my event management course - 1 project submitted, the 2nd in the draft process and the 3rd is about to commence! (all together there are five projects!) I hope to get the whole course completed by the end of May, so that I can look into more potential short courses. 

I interested in floristry, design, film and business - so essentially anything down the creative, artsy and business path. I am giving myself a year and a bit to get as much knowledge and experience under my belt so that I can then move off into starting a career. This will also give me time to continue creating and sharing on my blog! 

Work :: 
This week has been a wonderful week! I have actually resigned from my hospitality job, but I am still working in retail and I couldn't be happier. The continuous hassle of telling one workplace the days I could work was all getting a little to much - it was all down to miscommunication, unwillingness to help and I wasn't actually gaining anything from it anymore, so it was time to step away. Never leave on bad terms from a work place as you never know when you might need them for a reference, and you don't want to leave with an awful reputation. 

Other bits and bobs :: 
Although I seem to have everything running smoothly, it still seems like I am coming to a road block. No one is going to know exactly what to do in their life, but having a plan is always something that I feel secure and happy to work towards. From now it is all about living each day and working towards your big goals. Take each day as a new chance and chapter, for ticking something off your to do list. Make each day productive and worthwhile, as you will never get the same time back again. Buy a little notebook to write in everything you did, learnt and anything else in that day - even in a month if you look back and realised that you didn't actually do anything it should hopefully kick you in the bum to start moving. 

I feel now that everything is getting back on track, and with being five days into a new month already it is a fresh start to achieving all the little things and moving your way to the bigger result! 

I apologise if that was a complete random ramble that didn't make sense, but for me it is in my mind and it is never as easy to write it down exactly how you want it to be! 

M x 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Last Minute DIY Easter gifts.

Good morning and happy Easter (well Good Friday anyway)!

Today is a super sweet DIY Easter gift that is perfect for last minute ideas. This is seriously one of my personal favourite designs and can be edited according to the person.

What you will need:
Oval cardboard boxes
White outline pen
Shredded tissue
Cadbury’s Mini Eggs or other eggs

+ Mini animal figures, optional

Firstly decorate your boxes with borders, patterns, names, initials and all of those creative elements. Then fill will pastel coloured tissue and fill will Easter eggs, alternatively you could give a couple of these boxes as gifts and place ceramic animal figures in another box as a little treasure to keep.

The boxes once decorated, are a wonderful keepsake to cherish. The boxes show a minimalistic, pretty and handmade vibe and can be placed on shelving or bookcases to spice up the area. They would also be wonderful for storing precious goods! 

Make sure to put your own twist on this gift idea and spice up the designs or inside goodies this Easter. Whilst they are quite simple, they are a piece of art.

M x