Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5 reasons why you shouldn't skip breakfast.

Good morning! 
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I am going to be sharing yet another morning themed post, but this time why you should not be skipping breakfast! Just a little side note, I am not nutritional expert and this based on my own experience, knowledge and opinions. 

1. Metabolism: Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism after fasting throughout the night and gives your body a large portion of the nutrients needed to kick start your day. 

2. Energy Levels: After not eating for a long time; it can be almost 8-10 hours for some people, eating breakfast fuels your body, which increases your energy levels. 

3. Concentration Levels: Leading on from the point above, it additionally improves your concentration levels as your body brain needs food to function as well. Therefore making your daily productive - if the right food is eaten at different time intervals throughout the day. I tend to slacken off throughout the day, normally around 2pm so this is highly important. 

4. It's delicious: Breakfast is honestly by favourite meal of the day! If I could have it more than once I would ~ there are so many different recipes that are healthier, so filling, easy to make and jam-packed with goodness.  I have listed below a few of my favourite go to options. 

*Muesli/granola: served with yoghurt or milk and berries. 
*Poached eggs on toast with avocado. 
*Pancakes (hundreds of healthy recipes on the web that are so simple!) 
* Smoothies: banana, mango, berry, etc. 
*Toast with peanut butter, banana, honey & Chia Seeds. 
* Greek yoghurt, honey and fruit. 

5. Time to relax: It is a time to prepare yourself for the day! Take 20 minutes to scroll through your social media, read a book or magazine or play your current television show in the background whilst getting ready. Prepare your work space and ensure all of your resources and to-do lists are close at hand ~ essentially make sure everything is tidy and ready for when you start your day. 

Just some added pictures in, because I just love them all! 

I hope that if you now start eating breakfast, you share with us some of your favourite choices. 

M x 

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