Friday, January 10, 2014

A Little Inspiration

Hello there my lovely readers, as of 2014 I have officially started my last year of school, which is both exciting and daunting. I have a feeling that this year will hold many exciting events, opportunities and of course the hard work! So as I already have to complete some school projects and tasks in my summer holidays, I decided to put together a few collages of some inspirational images that will hopefully keep us all motivated to not only get through the day, week, but the year ahead! (I know I will need it for sure!)

To start the ball rolling, I included this first image (top left) for a little bit of a giggle, but if you look deeper into the meaning it is pretty much saying that any individual should not be a quitter, however hard and frustrating a situation is. Leading onto the following photo, whatever you plan to do, whether that is in life, your day or helping out a friend, do it with all your heart, because the reward is always going to be worthwhile. There will be a time when you look back on certain parts on your life (I know I do that now!) and you will be wishing of all the things you didn’t get to experience, so ignore what other peoples thoughts and opinions are (well of course at certain times, not all together!) and enjoy every moment, because the little things are always significant. Lastly, everything takes time and it will never happen over night. If you keep pushing through, working hard and staying positive then the results should be magnificent.

You definitely don’t realise it (because I certainly didn’t) that you life is a continuous story and rollercoaster. I know it is cheesy, but you seriously only live once and for me I undoubtedly want to live every moment possible and experience all of the things that I am fortunate enough to do. As a result of that, you have to be brave and step outside of your comfort zone, because otherwise you will not change as a person, view aspects of life differently and have the ultimate experience. Yes, we all have those days where nothing is going to plan, everyone is getting on our nerves and we just want to curl up in bed with our pyjamas reading a book or watching a movie. Now I will say we can and will have those days at some point in our life, but do not let the problems drag further and further into a tricky complication, because nothing will be resolved. You need to be the bigger person, persist and achieve the best that you can.

In order to be successful, you need to be happy, positive and calm. If you love what you are doing then there should not be a reason why you cannot achieve what you want in life. If you are not one of those people who sets new years resolutions, I would advise that you take a read over the Lorna Jane 2014 plan, because it defiantly covers ideas that are encouraging. For me there are always so many ideas that I want to put forward and do, some of the time it does come down to the shortage of supplies available and time, but you also have to realise that you cannot accomplish everything in a minute. Space it out, manage your time, create a plan of everything, so that it breaks it down in steps/sections, which makes it easier for you to see which one is easier to create first. Complete what you are capable of doing  don’t rush things just to be better than others! We all have different abilities, strengths, morals and opinions, treasure your own to make yours stand out and appear different. On a final note the people that you see in the streets, with gorgeous hair the perfect outfit and look to be so happy might not have the best of everything! You never know what happens on the inside of a person. You just have to make the best of everything and show people that nothing gets to you, you are strong, independent & smart. Be the best that you can possibly be!

From all of these quotes the main points that I wanted to pass onto you all is that you should all be happy, positive and calm, because we all have a wonderful opportunity of living where we live and if we are constantly down and negative on ourselves we are not going to achieve what we want to achieve. I recently watched Beauty Baby44’s video on her YouTube that was based around how to be happy, loving yourself and love your life. It really inspired me; to think different and accept myself and hopefully if you watch it you will be able to gain something from it to.

So if any of you have any quotes, songs or relaxation tips that you love to do when you just need a time out, write them down in the comment section below. I love to take new ideas and incorporate them into my routine : )

Keep smiling, be positive and live a happy life!

I hope you all made it through this small-ish inspiration post, but I will be sure to get back onto the normal bandwagon next week! Have a wonderful day and I will speak to you in my next post!
Molly xo 


  1. Hi! I just wanted to pop by and say how much i really like your blog! you seem really lovely and optimistic and the fact that you have an actual opinion is great.
    Just know that you have a frequent blog reader
    Hannah x

  2. Hi Hannah : ) Thank you very much! You are one very kind person and have no idea how much you have just made my day! I hope you do carry on reading and have a fabulous day!
    Molly x