Monday, January 13, 2014

The love for: Hello October

So today I present to you another series that I am creating (what a surprise!), which is based on all of the bloggers, vloggers and YouTube creators that I am in love with. (Not literally, but you know what I mean!) I thought it would be a nice addition to my blog, for you to get to know more creative and inspiring people out there, as well as get an understanding of what kind of interests, styles and personalities that I adore.

To start us off, my first ever post, is introducing to you: Hello October! This Beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog is written by Suzie who is a, ‘big eye-brow lover and secret skincare stash-er with a perchant for flowers and white interiors.’

Ever since I came across Suzie’s blog, I have adored every single post that has been created. Each detail and aspect of it is perfect, neat, exquisite and is explained in a clear and understandable manner. The entire blog is put together beautifully and express who Suzie is in a tremendous way with plenty of images and bright colours. 

Suzie is persistently consistent with posts and varies the content presented, which may include; outfit ideas, monthly favourites, Weekender posts, which allows you to gain an insight of Suzie’s personal life and beauty product reviews. This is only a handful of blog posts that are displayed on her blog, but they are such great reads that automatically leaves you wanting to be in her shoes.

AS seen in the pictures provided, these handful express who Suzie is in an amazing way and she is extremely clever when it comes to editing her images and videos. Making people drool over the keyboard with love and eager to purchase the item or product - I know i do for sure!

Luckily you can contact Hello October on a number of social media platforms including:

I hope you all take the time to go over to her blog and give it a good read and a browse. (I will warn you know, you will need a cup of tea – continuous reading will happen!)

Hope you are having a positive and jolly week and I will speak to you in my next post!

*Disclaimer: All images presented on this post are from Suzie's Blog and I am in now way stealing her images, It is just a way to express my love for particular bloggers! 

Molly xo

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