Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Links I am loving: Treasure & Travels Blog

I am slowly starting to plan and write out a blogging schedule that is going to suit me best when we get closer to the middle of the year and everything begins to get crazy, with the amount you have to do! It is also going to help to know what content I have to write for the next day, which is why I have decided to associate certain days with particular topics, for example - Motivational Monday. As I said this will not only maker it easier for me, but it will allow you to see when I am posting in an area that interests you the most, so you can just come over to my blog on that day and give it a read. As this is probably making no sense at this current moment, I also plan on writing an update post soon explaining about the different days, so that you are fully aware.

Anyway, as I am forever browsing the inter web for new blogs to read, to follow on my Bloglovin page or just simply gain inspiration from, I have recently come across this beautiful blog called Treasure & Travels! It is a lifestyle, beauty, style, cooking and DIY blog that is mushed together of all of these categories to create a wonderful masterpiece, by 3 creative and beautiful girls! So instead of me sitting here, rambling on about how well it is presented and how amazing each photograph is, I have put together a series of photos from their blog that I have just fallen in love and wanted to share with you all. Please head on over to their blog to show your support and browse their posts and follow their social media links, because I am sure that if you have a similar taste to me then you will fall into heaven after seeing this blog!

*DISCLAIMER: All of these images below are from the girls blog, I have not taken any of these images myself! 

Molly xo

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