Thursday, November 6, 2014

A day exploring the wonders of Adelaide City.


Last Friday I ventured into the depth of the city with one of my closet friends for a day of exploring, eating scrumptious food and discovering new places for potential future visits and projects. 

I have collated an assortment of photographs together that were captured through my lens, and hopefully this gives you an insight into what Adelaide looks like … 

This incredible looking Natural Frozen Yoghurt place called Cow & Co, straight away shows a personality and distinct style from the side walk, as potential customers wander by.  I am yet to try something from their menu, however if a day arrives that is scorching hot in the summer and I am need of something refreshing to eat, this will be one of the first places to go. It is a healthier alternative and certainly up my alley! 

There are always unique cafes and restaurants located around the city that showcase a certain style and look so inviting. This always makes me want to head on in to see what else I can discover. 

I definitely think that the city needs more 'food vans' around and hopefully there will be more in the summer time. 

This hotel looks absolutely beautiful and from this photograph above it could potentially be down one avenue in New York City. The things I would do (their is a limit) to be in that city right now! The Treasury looks incredibly sophisticated and such a delight to stay in, I will have to look further into the business at a later date! 

Flowers are starting to blossom for the spring and summer months. 

I hope that this was an enjoyable post for you to browse some images from around Adelaide. I would just like conclude by saying that I am officially 110% finished with school, which means that I have all the time in the world (well apart from working my part time job) to start creating posts and projects ready for my blog. No extra worries or assignments that I should be prioritising instead of blogging. 

I also have quite an exciting announcement to make … *drum roll please* I am going to be doing Blogmas this December! I will be blogging everyday up until Christmas and sharing with you a variety of recipes, DIY creations and more outings that are influenced by the festive season. I cannot wait for the month to start and it shows that I am excited because I have already started planning out each of my posts and we are not even a week into November! I hope you are all excited to! 

Have a wonderful day. 
M x 

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