Sunday, November 30, 2014

DIY Stocking Advent Calendar.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and preparing yourselves for busiest weeks to come leading up to Christmas. With Monday being the 1st of December, Christmas is just around the corner and you will no doubt be rushed off your feet buying last minute gifts or baking Christmas treats on Christmas Eve. 

This morning I am going to show you a nifty idea that is super cute to have strung in your living room, which will give you a constant reminder of how many days are left until Christmas! These handmade felted stockings with felt numbers are a unique advent calendar that perfectly fits a sweet treat or a rolled up message. 

So let's start with the super easy instructions: 

What you will need: 
- Scissors 
- Artline Pen
- Number stencils, if required
- An assortment of ribbon 
- Thread (colours to match the felt) 
- Pegs
- Glue
- Brown string
- Grey, white & red felt  
- Stocking template
- Chocolates and/or message 

I hand drew the stocking template by eye, so I do not have an online version to attach for you, but as it is straightforward design, I am sure you can all draw one on your own. This way you can change the size accordingly. 

Cut out 24 or 25 socks - 2 pieces of felt per sock. 

Sew the two pieces of felt together. 

 Complete the sewing process for all pairs. 

Trim off any excess felt.

Cut out a strip of felt that suits the size of your stocking, which can be wrapped around the sock comfortably. 

Remove from the stocking, trying to keep the size and sew a single stitch down the felt. I found that removing this piece was easier to sew, rather than to attempt the stitching through the stocking, as my socks were quite small. However if you make your stockings larger, it may be easier to sew them as one piece. 

Complete for all individual stockings. This is the overall process of preparing each of the little socks. 

Cut out a piece of ribbon and fold in half. Again the size will change according to your stocking size. 

This is where I sew the ribbon in-between the two layers of the stocking and rim, which will help to secure the outer piece of felt in place against the stocking.  

Neatly sew into place and complete for the remaining stockings.  

Outline the amount of numbers that you will requires and cut each of them out in the felt. 

Glue all the numbers onto the stocking with classic PVA glue. 

I decided to add in a quote on selective days. So print out little messages or quotes, roll the piece of paper up and secure with a piece of ribbon.  

Add some little treats that can slip inside the top of the stocking. 

(The Kinder Santas in the background were a little to big, so I might use them for another project later down the track or just treat myself and eat them!) 

Gather your pegs and stockings ready to hang. 

I attached the string to the wall with the hooks that stick onto the wall and can be pulled off once not in use - these can be found at your local craft store or hardware shop. 

Now the rest is simply up to you. I decided to have one big strand, however you could make two underneath each other. I also chose to place them numbers backwards, so that on December 1st I can remove sock number 24 and know there are 23 days left. 

Whilst it is quite a lengthy process, the end result in my eyes is completely worth it. Feel free to do a little at a time in front of the television or start it with friends and family. You can also use these stockings for another purpose later down the road, or save them and use them again the next year. It could also make the perfect gift and all round it is a unique advent calendar that jumps out from your typical chocolate one found in the stores. Whilst those are traditional and fun to open each morning, this one is similar with getting a treat everyday and visually more appealing. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this festive DIY post and make sure to stay tuned this afternoon for another Christmas post heading your way! 

M x 

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