Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stop Waiting, Start Doing!

As soon as you realise that time is ticking by at the speed of a rocket shooting up into the never ending universe, you have to make to most of every minute of everyday. There are only so many tomorrows to be wishing that you would start or change something, but really you have to say 'I will' and make the most of the time and resources that you have.  Here are some useful tips that will help you on your way. 

1. Stop waiting for the 'perfect' time… 
To be honest there is no such thing as 'the perfect time', for certain occasions yes, however it is just in fact anytime of your life. Ask yourself one question - so why not now? Why don't you want to get fit, start a new hobby, take an online course to boost your career or take the leap and take a new path? Whatever you hopes are, stop waiting and start acting!

All you have to do is the make the decision! Remember that you cannot be given each moment, you have to embrace them and accept. Life is not going to be a perfect stroll in the park, but from our daily mistakes and life challenges it moulds us into being better people and moving onwards and upwards with our ambitions. 

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2. Start a bucket list… 
A bucket list is one of the easiest lists that helps to define a number of experiences or achievements that a persons hopes to accomplish during their lifetime.

A creative approach to writing the list would be to design a sketch book and fill each page with a different dream. (I have one on the go currently) Include photographs, the location, prices (if required) and when you would like to achieve it by (if there is a set time frame?). This way you can visually see everything that you have accomplished or are on your way of achieving. To add to the creativity, you could print out small squares and stick them in the corners of each page and once you have completed whatever your aspiration is - simply tick it, this way you can keep a record and even write the date next to it as a continuous memory. By all means add your own photographs or comments from your own experience to someday have to look back on.

A bucket list doesn't have to be extravagant and by no means go and launch yourself out of a plane and pull a parachute - no matter how small, write it down and start planning. It is a way of trying new things and learning new skills. All of your wacky ideas can range from small to large - go nuts!

3. Start putting words into actions…
Once you have written all of your aspirations on paper - now ask yourself what's stopping your from achieving these goals? Fear? Judgement? 

Do not let other people govern what and how you act towards your dreams. In simple words, prove them wrong and go bigger and better. A large portion of people are usually jealous about what you are doing, so don't ever feel like you should stop - keep moving forward!

I hope that these words are wise enough for you to take forward with you to start achieving your dreams. As cheesy as the saying is You Only Live Once, so why would you not want to concur all of these amazing opportunities and embrace the experiences? I know I certainly do. 

Have a lovely Tuesday! 
M x 

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