Sunday, December 1, 2013

Welcome to Violet & Daisy...

Welcome to violet 
and Daisy

After many moments of pondering, I have finally decided to jump on board the blogging community and create my very own world of things that I love, am passionate about and just generally want to share with all you enthusiasts out there.

For almost two years I have indulged into an assortment of other fashion, beauty, baking and lifestyle blogs that I just have just simply adored and always dreamt of one day creating my very own so today it all begins!

To start with I thought I would share A little bit of information with you, even though I am sure a lot will be told throughout posts in the future. So to begin with my name is Molly, I am currently a student and was originally born in The United Kingdom, but am now fortunate to live in the sunny country of Australia!

I am the same as a lot of other people out there, but I must say that I always seem to do an excellent job of them all, by easily embarrassing myself more to the point! : ) I am a crazy awkward and random things chatterer, a expert in procrastinating and I have an immense dreams & Goals list to one day achieve.

I plan on creating a whole range of posts that are of interest to me and will hopefully cater for different people out there. Now I am not going to create season-based posts that correspond to the seasons of Australia all of the time - however i may incorporate the odd post, as our seasons are the complete opposite to both the Americans and Europeans and i would like to try and cover all places and keep everyone happy. So I will be posting a variety of posts that I am just simply loving and want to share with you all.

So from that you might have already gathered that I am a lover of all things American and European, so one day I hope to achieve my goal of living in one of those places. (Preferably London, Paris, New York, California or Chicago)  

So for a fun addition to my very first blog post I thought I would share some information about who I am, so you can gather a better understanding. Instead of me rambling about pointless topics or stories in my life (as I am sure you will get snippets further down the road), I have decided to complete the ‘alphabet tag’. Now I am not a hundred precent sure whether or not this has previously been created, but my take and perspective on this is that next to each letter I am going to write down one or two words (because I could not just choose one trust me it is rather quite difficult) that best describes who I am or what I am highly passionate about.

(Just a heads up for you all, a few of the letters were extremely challenging to brainstorm for, so in the end I included some very ‘out there’ answers that could possibly not be classed as correct, but in the end I think it all turned out ok!) Enjoy : )

A- Ambitious
British and
Creative and cupcakes
Event Management
Fashion and Film
Great British Bake Off enthusiast
handbag Junkie and hot chocolate lover
ice-cream devotee
Jumper and shirt lover
‘Kernel’ popcorn fan (just popcorn in general)
List maker and lover of all things American
Make-up and muesli addict
New York City admirer
Perfectionist and Polka dot fan
Queen of procrastinating
Style and shopping
W- walking/hikes and the winter season
X-mas cake (simply cake all year round!)
Yoga and YouTube
Zippy (full of energy
well at certain times! haha this letter was quite hard!)

Thank you to each and every one of you who stop by and take the time to read my posts it means the world to me! I hope you are all having a wonderful day or night where ever you may be in the world and i cannot wait to start posting! : )

Molly xo

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