Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Gifts 'For Her'

For my very first seasonal post, I have decided to create a mini Christmas gift guide series for you to hopefully gain some inspiration. I am totally aware that I may be posting this a little late and all you organised Christmas shoppers out there may have already completed you shopping. However I do know, there are some people who love to leave Christmas gift shopping until the last minute (Trust me, I know we all leave things to the final second at some point!), so I have gathered a selection of items that I personally really like, all accessible online and majority in-stores (you will have to double check though!) and are just simply gorgeous. So hopefully you will all enjoy the gifts for her, for him and stocking fillers. the gifts across the series all range in style, price and shop, so they will hopefully take someone’s fancy.

For me personally it is such a joy to see someone smile when they open a gift that was given to them by you. I am absolutely a lover of everything Christmas and for me gift giving is so special, because you can be so creative. 

As girls of course we are lovers of pretty much everything girly, so something cosy is definitely a win and at some particular point in our day we feel it is necessary to snuggle up and relax. so receiving a lovely pair of good-quality pyjamas is always beautiful. Obviously we can never have to many purses; so another addition to the collection won’t hurt, will it? I have particularly had my eye on this gorgeous Kate Spade purse, which is so sleek and simple, so I may have to wait for santa to come or start saving a few more christmas pennies - it would be a lot easier if you could pay your way with chocolate buttons i think! The purse itself is actually quite reasonably priced for the design and brand, so of course you would expect excellent quality, which i am sure it would be. A sparkling necklace is so dashing to incorporate into your jewellery collection, to definitely spice up an outfit for a party. Lastly, Chocolate is always a girls best friend and so some scrumptious tasting chocolate is a nice touch and of course you have to treat yourself on Christmas day.

Enjoy, Molly xo

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