Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dreaming of everything Cath Kidston...

Cath Kidston Wish list

After passing multiple stores in London (When I was visiting on my holiday earlier in October) and finding bits and bobs in giftware shops, I have currently been obsessing over all of the lovely Cath Kidston products available. After first discovering them, I browsed the website and was looking at all of the pretty and adorable patterns, thinking I needed to buy everything that I loved, which the majority of the time ended in me filling up my cart and sadly passing it by!

As I am sure many of you are aware who Cath Kidston is and the products available, I decided to put to together a collection of a few bits that I have been currently admiring anyway. If you are completely new to this line of products, then here is a little insight of the goods and gifts offered both online, in Cath Kidston stores and select giftware shops. If you have read my introductory post you will already know that I am an admirer of all things polka dot and as my eyes are automatically drawn to anything spotty, I am sure many of these products will contain this pattern, so I pre- warning you! : )

So after creating this wish list for you all, I caved in and decided to buy a polka purse in red and cream spots. I absolutely adore the design and cannot wait to use it! The picture of the purse is unfortunately not visible in one of my collages, because it would have gotten pretty ridiculous with the amount of items I insisted on putting on there, so I had to contain my excitement a little and minimise my wish list. So instead here is the link to the (Polka Dot Purse) and this will take you directly to the Cath Kidston website!

All of the items are found on the official Cath Kidston website so instead of linking each individual item, I have place the official link at the bottom of the post and have co-ordinated each number and item with the original name from the site to make it easier for you to search for anything that your heart desires.

1. Spot lunch bag 2. Spot ankle wellies 3. Hampstead rose shawl 4. Greenwich rose double duvet cover 5. Spot welly socks 6. Mini dot biro 7. Robin pendant necklace 8. Spot raincoat 9. Latttice rose wash bag 10. Big spot skirt 11. Set of 2 freston rose and mini dot notebooks 12. Provence rose printed ribbon 13. Spot leather bowling bag

1.   Provence rose cake stand 2. Provence rose set of 4 cereal bowls 3. Spot extra large carry all 4. Spot double oven glove 5. Provence rose 16 piece cutlery set 6. Daisy rose measuring jug 7. Spot oven gauntlet 8. Daisy rose mixing bowl 9. Provence rose crush mug 10.Bird Milk Jug

So I am sure one day I will have my very own Cath Kidston product collection in my future apartment or home. For me personally the lines of products on offer do not scream out one particular theme of either vintage or modern. I consider them to be a mix of the two, which makes them unique and beautiful with there designs and easier to incorporate within your own living space to suit your style and colour scheme.

So for now I will just have to continue admiring all of the products and occasionally place a sneaky order along the way, collecting little bits and bobs.

Molly xo

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