Sunday, May 4, 2014

10 facts about me...

Good morning everyone and I hope you are having a relaxing sunday! 

I love hearing facts about someone, whether it is about their past, habits, what they want to do when they are older or do as a career now! I always find it fascinating, because it really shows how different we are as people. (and I am quite a nosey person in general- haha!) 

So today I am going to be sharing 10 facts about me that allows you to get to know a bit more of who I am, because really I am just another girl who sits behind a computer and writes to whoever wants to read it. 

1. I am a terrible singer, but the best place to sing is in the shower when no one is home!
2. my favourite flower are Gerberas.
3. I have a slight obsession with Emmerdale. (A soap drama) 
4. I haven't eaten solid chocolate for about 3 months now. 
5. I have to admit that I drink the odd hot chocolate, but I can never finish one fully.
6. I would love to edit videos professionally. 
7. Water is my favourite drink. 
8. I am quite short - 5ft4 
9. My A level or senior year of high school subjects are: Mathematics, English, Business &       Enterprise and Media Studies. 
10. I am rubbish at anything sporty and it has never really interested since I was little, so I used to fail miserably in PE class at school. I prefer to exercise at home doing "gym" type workouts! (toning, cardio, fat-burning, stretching, etc. 

So I hope that you have found something new about me and I would love to hear in the comments below facts about yourself or whether or not we have anything in common! 

Have a wonderful day!
Molly x 

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