Thursday, May 8, 2014

Just another haul.

Hello! I am back with a random haul for you and these are some bits and bobs that I have collected over the past couple of weeks, since I was on my holiday break. 

I have been loving the style of wearing tights, shorts, a jumper and a pair of black 'chelsea' style boots, so I though I would start picking up some pieces to wear. I purchased all of these clothing items from Temt who sadly do not have an online store, but have some wonderful pieces in store if you get the chance to go in! They are reasonably priced and whilst some clothing and accessories items are the classic 'same old same old', they do have some nice pieces as well! This lime-yellow-green colour has been catching my eye lately and so I picked this jumper up straight away when I found it. A perfect knit for winter and wearing over the top of basic shirts. 

I am sure that many of you know I am a lover of cooking and am very passionate about it, which is why my cookbook collection is growing to much for me to keep up. These are some of my favourite books and I cannot wait to start sharing some delicious recipes with you. 

I always seem to be collecting home wares, because I simply love everything about home interiors and all of the beautiful and decorative pieces you can buy! (I can't wait for my own home!) I also use them for photography purposes, but I swear when I decide to move out of home I am going to need a container, not just a suitcase. (well not literally, but almost!) 

Necklaces play a large part in my wardrobe, as I find it super easy to accessorise with a statement piece. The yellow flower necklace was from Lovisa is similar to the Jcrew style, however is a fraction of the price, especially as I managed to purchase it on sale. (Double Bonus!)  

Lastly, I purchased these gorgeous Easter decorations on sale and could not resist the cuteness of the dishes and the bunny. My favourite animal/pet would have to be a rabbit and this little guy is perfect to sit on one of my desk shelves, alongside one of the dishes. Even though they are egg shaped, I do not mind because they have a decorative pattern on the inside and you can't really tell without being to picky to notice! 

I hope you all enjoyed my collective haul from the past couple of weeks and don't forget to stop by my blog tomorrow if you fancy yourself a super easy sweet treat! 

Molly x 

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