Monday, May 5, 2014

Fitness Motivation.

Lately, I have been inspired to get fit and healthy, by looking at a lot of Instagram accounts. A lot of people believe that if you eat a salad for your lunch, whilst eating other bad foods *as a treat* and attempt squats or sit-ups then you are going to get the summer body you are dreaming of. Sadly, it does not work that way and I am no professional… 

If you seriously want to lose weight and tone your body, you are to reduce and eliminate specific foods, exercise regularly, replace your fruit juices, alcohol and coffees with plenty and plenty of water. Also having a positive mind set will allow you to maintain these goals and keep you focused on getting to where you want to be. Don't get my wrong everyday is not all sunshine and glory, we all have days where nothing is going right, we are putting in 110% and the results are simply not worth it and we just want to give up. If we were all going to do that though, nothing would get done! 

I have been "attempting" to lose weight and achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle for quite a while now and I know and can admit that I simply haven't really tried the hardest that I possibly can. My problem is that I always have food on my mind, I snack to often (especially after school) and do not necessarily eat the correct foods. I am slowly starting to make a difference, but I am not a happy bean when it comes to trying clothes on and having to look in the mirror! 

Now I do not want create a specific eating routine that cuts out all cooked foods, dairy or meat. I am meat eater and proud eater of my cheese! haha. I kind of have the idea of blending together a variety of diets to create my very own. I am more than happy to create more posts like these in the future and can specifically write about the topic of food and fitness on a certain day, if that is something you would like to hear, because I am defiantly passionate about it! I have many ideas that I want to put together, so all I have to do is but my head down and get to work! After my Senior Year I will have 3-4 months of relaxing in the summer sun, so I hope then that I will keep my mind occupied to wander off from the thought off eating every five minutes. It is crucial to eat every meal, do not concentrate for so long that you miss a meal! 

I have the idea of creating some recipes, nutrition, fitness, organisational and staying motivated blog posts in mind, so if you would like to come with me on this journey, then please comment down below your progress or goals! No one has to be in it alone. 

So I have put together some pictures of my favourite accounts that simply get a spark going inside to start changing your lifestyle. 

Stay happy, positive and just think what you are actually eating! It is amazing to know that there are scrumptious tasting recipes out there are jam-packed with nutrients and healthy ingredients, but people tend to choose the easier option, which by actual fact healthy food can be made easy! 

Molly x

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