Sunday, October 26, 2014

52 Lists: things that remind you of home #3

Hello all, 

It is 8pm and I am sat at my desk trying to finish the my last school assignment whilst listening to the thunder rumbling fiercely, the rain tinkling on the windows and seeing the lights flickering in the background. So as it has been a ritual for many months already I thought why not procrastinate a little on my final project and come and write a list for you. 

Today is another list that is everything that reminds you of home … so lets get the ball rolling!

52 Lists: Everything that reminds you of home
1. Home cooking
2. The smell of food cooking or sweets rising and baking
3. Smiles 
4. Everyones humour = Laughter 
5. The continuous support 
6. Pizza nights 
7. Watching Emmerdale (soap drama) after tea with my mum 

These were a few of the things that reminds me of home, however being put on the spot to think about these points is actually quite difficult - so I tried my best! 

M x 

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