Sunday, October 12, 2014

52 Lists: Your goals for the year #1

There is always a new project to get involved with, in the online blogging community, which can help you keep motivated during the days where you have a blogger-block. We all know that it happens and you are stuck as to what you want to create. It is a fantastic way of challenging you, finding inspiration and new blogs to follow. The project that I have recently discovered is 52 lists: A list a week for a year created by Made in Hunters.

Whilst this project was created a few months ago, potentially for the start of the year. I thought it would still be nice to jump on the list making board, give it a whirl and share with you 52 lists for the year. How awesome?!

I plan to post these every Sunday and even though it is not starting at the beginning of a new year, there are really only so many tomorrows or Monday's to say you are going to change or start something new, so why not do it right now.

Alright, so who doesn't like writing a good old list in the first place? I sure do, I cannot remember how many lists I have made over the last few years and I don't think I want to know- hahah, so lets get cracking with first one of the 52.

Week 1: List your goals for the year: 

1. Practice taking more creative pictures with my DSLR or phone camera. 
2. Try to stay more positive. 
3. Be healthy and fit to the extent of just feeling happy with myself, stop comparing myself with other, because as cheesy at the statement is we were all made to be different. (See the image above!)
4. To feel more confident with who I am. 
5. Continue studying, volunteer and complete work experience(s) to help achieve my career goals.
6. Focus working on my blog to express my love for food, lifestyle and travel. 
7. To enjoy adventure and try new opportunities and food.
8. Complete every project/ task to the best standard I can potentially achieve - with a professional and creative result. 

If anyone has previous started this project or would like to start it, then comment down below your lists so everyone can have a browse.

Have a wonderful happy Sunday! 
M x 

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