Sunday, October 19, 2014

52 Lists: The things to do on a rainy day #2

Hello all, 

Long time no speak … whilst I can only give so many more excuses I have decided to update you with the fact that I only have 7 day left at school (woohoo!) + plus an exam, which is about a week after the final day. After this I have a lot of ideas, projects and lists of things in mind for when I am free as a butterfly. So please hang tight in the last few days for me organising all of my final assignments and exams revision, because I hope to be a regular blogger as soon as it hits the middle of November! I also have a little trip planned, which I will tell you about more at a later date. 

For now … another list! 

52 Lists: The things to do on a rainy day! 
1. Watch the rain trickle down the window. 
2. Read a book. 
3. Light a fire (Inside) 
4. Browse Pinterest wasting as many hours as humanly possible. 
5. Make a hot drink (chocolate, chai, coffee, etc). 
6. Make a list of absolutely anything. (future plans, shopping, ideas, projects, general to-do, etc.) 
7. Start writing a journal/diary. 
8. Bake something sweet and warm - Apple crumble Mmmm
9. Make a delicious meals - soup or a roast with vegetables my favourite! 

So these are a few of my favourite things to do when it is a drizzly rainy day outside and you are stuck on the inside. Comment down below what you love to and make sure to start making your own lists. 

Have a glorious Sunday and I will hopefully speak to you all some time soon. 
M x 

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