Tuesday, March 10, 2015

4 scenes: Floristry.

Good Morning all! 

Yesterday was a public holiday for the Adelaide Cup, which mean't that I could spend the afternoon working on upcoming blog posts, as they became quite over the past few days. 

I hope you enjoy this flower themed post! 

Floristry has to be one of my favourite interest - something so simple can really change someones mood. The beautiful colours, types of flowers and overall design can bring life and light up someones home or day.

I love bouquets that are filled with a variety of combinations and colours - but especially deep pinks, cream, orange and yellow! So really all the bright colours that are exploding with colour and creativity. 

I am actually interested and looking into a floristry course currently, as it is practical skill to have on hand whilst eventually working in the events industry. 

I hope that these photographs showed you some creativity and future inspiration for your home - it is super easier to buy a bouquet of flowers from the markets and place them in different rooms around your living areas to increase it life and brightness. 

M x 

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