Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My daily food diary :: number one.

Good morning. . . 

I thought of sharing something a little bit different today, as these style of posts are personally one of my favourites to read and I had a feeling you might want to have a nosy about the type of food I eat daily (because I know I sure do!). 

I have named it My Daily Food Menu - so in other words What I ate today. 

Live healthy and cherish each moment - make the most of your time with positive vibes and mind! 

As I am currently in the process of changing my eating habits to become a lot more healthier, portion controlled and nutritious - I thought that this was a creative way to document everything that I eat throughout one day. 

It may help others for food inspiration or potential meal plans that are easily adaptable. Of course I am no dietician or nutritionist, so I eating foods based on my own research and prior knowledge. 

I love to eat fruit and vegetables wherever possible (I am not afraid of those Brussels sprouts!) and I try to minimise the amount of carbohydrates that I intake, but of course when I do - I choose the right grain and portion size. 

So lets begin with round one… 

Breakfast has to be my favourite meal of the day - I don't know what it is I just love breakfast. There are so many choices, so you may see a few different options every now and then. Today I opted for homemade granola with milk and berries (fresh or frozen - I had frozen only because it is ridiculous hot and I needed something cool!) 

This is one of my personal favourites and ideal breakfast choices. I am sure you will be seeing a lot of granola/ muesli recipes on here in the future. 

There are hundreds and thousands of recipes, but I always find lunch the hardest. (I am just not sure what it is?) It may be a little strange to have this for lunch, but I do love my avocado and as it is one of the healthiest fats - I have to add it into my meals. I don't like to eat a heavy dish, preferably something light and small that should hold me over until my snack. 

Today was guacamole & toasted pita chips! I did have a late breakfast this morning, so I wasn't to hungry for lunch and didn't need a snack. Otherwise I would add some grilled chicken and sweet potato with the guacamole to add in some protein and healthy carbohydrates. 

Today's dinner was spaghetti bolognese with a small serving of spelt pasta. The bolognese sauce itself had the addition of veggies today; mushrooms, carrot, celery and onion - you can get creative with this dish for sure! 

For snacks I love to eat fruit, nuts or any healthy snack that I have personally made. Today I choose a couple of dates alongside one of The Bar Counter Bars to boost my energy and sugar levels - whilst taking care of the ingredients and remaining meals for the day. 

Apologiese for this post being quite long and intense - you thought it would just be a simple this what I ate, but I felt like I needed to explain my meals more in depth of the style of dishes I eat, as well as what I like to eat or substitute in. This way you will hopefully have more of an understanding for future food diaries - of course there will be more explanations anyway! 

M x 


  1. Those pita chips and guacamole look delicious. I love so many different varities of the food. Great post.



    1. Thank you - it is certainly one of my go-to meals! I don't understand why people choose to stick with basic junk food options when there are millions of delicious dishes that are so tasty and filled with flavour! Thank you for stopping by! x