Monday, March 30, 2015

DIY Easter Jars.


Good morning beautiful people today I am back starting off this glorious week with a collection of Easter DIY’s and recipes.

To kick-start the week off, I am going to be sharing an Easter jar DIY that is perfect for a gift or decoration to brighten up your home with spring colours and the smell of sweet chocolate.

What you will need:
An assortment of jars
Spray paint
Shredded tissue, a variety of pastel colours
Ceramic rabbits or other animals
Easter eggs

Firstly spray your jars lids and leave to dry for a few hours - spray a few coats if required. You can go wild and experiment with pastel colours or leave it simplistic and just go white! Having a pastel lid will make your little creatures stand out more - hence the next stage of preparation is to glue on the little animals to the lids. 

The second stage is completely up to you go nuts filling the jars with tissue, chocolates and little creatures. Then simply add a personalised tag if it is a gift and a bow or just arrange a display on a table and voila you are finished!

This DIY is so simple and easy, but well put together and pretty! 

You could additionally keep the jars quite simple and rotate them through the seasons - creating little scenes for around your home! (Woodland forest, ice-cream, winter wonderland, etc.) 

I hope you enjoyed this style of post and make sure to stay tuned for the rest of the week for more Easter themed posts!

M x


  1. those easter egg jars ARE SO FRIGGIN CUTE! :O I HAVE to make one for easter to collect all my eggs in

    1. Thank you! Yes you best - although the chocolate don't last very long, so I would advise decorations! just munch on the eggs instead - M x