Monday, September 15, 2014

Malteser overload.

Hello all, and welcome to a fresh week and start. I had a lovely break away to recharge my batteries, even though I still managed to wake up at my usually time of 6am, but there was the nice feeling of not having to rush to go anywhere. I have also succeeded at writing another list of blog post ideas that I hope to create sometime in the future. For now I will be posting all of the food creations that have been stored in a file on my computer for quite sometime, as I work through these last two weeks of school until a another two week break.

You can probably tell already that I am slowly editing the design of my blog. I have added the image of myself wearing an ‘OMG CAKE’ t-shirt, which to be honest I think is a genius creation, and my mum help me create the idea when we were out shopping, so I best give some credit to her! It took many takes of positioning the cake as well as going through two different types of cake, until I was over the moon with how my Malteser cake turned out and my final photograph.    

I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted the finish look to be, and I would say it was 95% accurate there were only minor alteration needed. Before I started baking and shooting, I knew the style and quality that I wanted and the next stage was actually pulling it off. Usually if something doesn't work out right the first time, I tend to lose interest and feel as though I cannot do it. However, this time around was different! I was determined to create a good quality photograph that I was happy with, looked professional to an extent and showcased my style and enthusiasm for my blog. I absolutely love my blog, as it is a way to showcase everything that I love, build confidence, escape from my schooling days and have it to look back on someday in the future.

Anyway … by adding the brick wall behind added a rustic vibe whilst still keeping it quite simple, but it added a layer of texture and another visual layer to the photograph. For only including my torso area meant that the image was concentrating on the t-shirt, which is what I wanted the main focus to be with a large piece of layered cake to help emphasise the lettering.

Overall I am happy with how it turned out! However I would like your advice with the shape of the photo. Should it be square or round?
As the logo for my blog is round I was unsure if I should transition it through into my blogs image?

Now moving onto the cake itself … it was absolutely delectable. Light and fluffy chocolate cake that is not to rich and overpowering, which means with the chocolate buttercream and layer of maltesers there is an even balance in chocolate. I also included a layer of raspberry compote filling on top of a buttercream coating to add another pop of flavour, and help reduce the richness from the overload of chocolate. As the entire cake is pure chocolate, you can fill the cake with any desired filling that will complement the chocolate smoothly or you can just leave it plain with a layer of buttercream the possibilities are endless.

As this cake is quite simple there are hundreds of chocolate cake and buttercream recipes online that you can search, as well as having your own secret recipe up your sleeve to use, so I will let you all create the magical cake with your own recipe! 

This cake would be perfect for a gathering, birthday party or a simple treat for your family the cake was eaten in almost five days of baking it, which is rare for the whole cake to be demolished as my family are so used to cakes being baked they tend to be sent with my mum to work, so it doesn’t get wasted.

I hope you are all have a jolly Monday and I will speak to you all on Wednesday with a few pictures from my weekend away!

Bon Appetite!
M x

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