Friday, September 5, 2014

Raspberry & Cream Pastel Layered Cake.

Happy Friday to you all! It is almost the weekend where you can all relax and consume as much food as your belly's will hold. 

Today I will be sharing my very first layered cake.

 I must admit that it is not my finest work, but somehow it managed to stay standing and all the layered on the inside remain some what level.

I had a little disaster with baking my cake as it trying to make the parchment paper remain straight against the side of the pan so that it doesn't press into the batter. Everything is a learning curve and I will try again this weekend with another flavoured cake that should hopefully feature on my blog sometime soon! 

The cake is a very basic vanilla sponge with a vanilla buttercream coloured pink. It is filled with creamy vanilla buttercream and a raspberry jam layer spread on top. 

All of these components are super easy and only really require ingredients found in your cupboard, no expense spared. Although you may need a jar of jam or homemade would be perfect as well and a couple bags of icing sugar for the amount of buttercream needed. 

When it came to icing the cake I have to say that I am a perfectionist and spent a very long time trying to make the edges extremely precise. This obviously comes with practice along the way with how many cakes you make, which is why I am excited to make some more scrumptious tasting flavoured cakes in the upcoming months. 

The whole cake screams girls, pink and sweet! So I tried to keep it quite simple for the decoration on the outside, as it would look so over the top in the end that it would hurt your eyes looking at it with all the bold colours. 

I added these sweet baby meringues that I found in my baking cupboard at home and were just bought from the supermarket. I placed them on top of a dollop of buttercream frosting to add a little more depth, texture and another pop of colour to the cake. 

This cake was enormous and I can say that you would only need a slither or to and your belly would be overflowing with sweet goodness. 

I have not provided a recipe with this post as there are no technical elements to this cake other than layering, stacking and smoothing on buttercream. The vanilla sponge cake, buttercream and jam/ coulis can all be found online from your favourite recipe sources or classic homemade recipes of your own. 

Bon Appétit! 
M x

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