Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 resolutions.

I cannot believe we are already one week into the new year.

 Let me start off by saying, you are never to late to make New Year Resolutions. Lets be honest - you are not going to think of them all straight away and events may creep up throughout the year that you want to put your foot down and say 'hey' I want to change this or start does this. It is better to start the resolution straight away rather than to keep putting it off and using the classic line of "oh I'll wait until Monday or the new month or even the new year!" 

So here a few of mine! (Yes I may have already covered some of them in my last post, however these are going to be numbered and easy to read!) 

1. Develop & maintain an effective blogging schedule - There are definitely many routines that I could choose, but for now I do not want to over complicate it and make it to busy so that I cannot produce the standard of content that I would like. I am looking a personalising some days so that a specific topic will be covered on that day. At the moment I have Cake Friday - everyday Friday I will try to publish a cupcake or cake recipe, as this is something that I love and have ever ambition to concur all the flavours (well most anyway!) 

2. Exercise at least 3 times each week (5 is possible) - I love to exercise when I am 100% in the right frame of mind. However I tend to be picky when it comes to the actual workout - I love DVD's/ videos and venturing outside, but the thought of following a piece of paper or a picture really doesn't get me moving. Even though the person on the video is not right beside me in my bedroom working out - the continuous talking and motivation is certainly more encouraging. 

3. Maintain a healthy diet - I would love to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into my diet as the most obvious choice. However I would love to try more vegetarian and vegan dishes to totally mix up my diet and food plan. 

4. Try to procrastinate less - I am going to starting another load of study this year and need to knuckle down, complete the assignments, ask questions and balance everything, so that I am able to weave in a little bit of blogging, work part time and my crazy social life that I have (if only!) 

5. Stay organised as much as I can - I always tend to find myself becoming 'stressed' and a little to over-organised if that is even possible. Simply relax and not be such a perfectionist when it comes to organisation and lists especially. 

6. Start another hobby - I love to bake and blog, however I would like to find another interest that I am able to sit and do whilst relaxing and taking a moment to breathe. I would really like to start a scrapbook for myself that can document everything that I have done throughout the year by month, but I would like to do an inspiration scrapbook. Whilst I am relaxing seeing pictures that I have found from the Internet, Pinterest or Instagram that motivate me with my career, myself or just everyday living. Something that I am currently contemplating and got the thought of Lily Pebbles

Would you want to watch the trailer? 

So there you have it - some of my resolutions for 2015! A lot of them are common and quite basic, however I would really like to commit to making these happen! 

Please let me know your resolutions in the comment section below!
M x 

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