Friday, January 23, 2015

Jammie Dodger inspired Cupcakes.

Welcome back to Cake Friday!

This week I was feeling a little inventive with my cupcakes and I am on a secret mission (well not now anyway - haha) to turn chocolate bars, ice-cream and biscuit flavours into delicious cupcakes. So throughout the year I will be including a range of product inspired cupcakes into the mix on Cake Fridays. 

I made a biscuit base, which lined the bottom of the cupcake case. However in my opinion it required more butter or less biscuits, which would make it more compact and less crumbly. 

I used my favourite vanilla cake recipe to bake on top of the biscuit base (150g plain biscuits + 80g melted butter - mixed together). The centre of the cake was cored and filled with delicious strawberry jam. Finally frosted with vanilla buttercream and topped with a wedge of a Jammie Dodger biscuit or a dollop of jam and a sprinkle of leftover biscuit crumbs. 

I hope you enjoyed this different Cake Friday post and make sure you stay tuned for the delicious flavour! I have decided that I will be reducing the amount of Cake Friday's, due to my upcoming study session. I know that I have changed my schedule more times than I can remember - but I will write an update for Monday hopefully finalising it all. 

M x 

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