Monday, January 19, 2015

My favourite ways to procrastinate.

Let's face it we all like to procrastinate - no matter much of a hard worker you are, we all find ourselves avoiding those tedious task. So instead of just sitting and procrastinating, I am going to share some of my favourite ways to procrastinate so that your 'break time' becomes a little bit more productive. This also allows your mind to have a break and think about something else rather than to just sit stare into space contemplating east you have to do.

1. Pinterest: is of course the ultimate source of procrastination. There is always a continuous flow of new pins and pincers to discover, which will automatically keep your mind occupied for a duration of I time. I do love to occasionally reorganise my boards and give them new cover picture. 

2. Flat hunting: I occasionally find myself on Foxtons or Right Move's website more often than I should be. I continuously gaze over the beautiful homes that are certainly not in my budget at this exact moment, but are definitely lovely to look at and dream of the lives that are lived within each and my life also. Oh someday it might actually come true - never say never! 

3. YouTube: hands down I love YouTube. To be honest I spend an unhealthy amount of time watching videos. I sometimes get lost in watching my subscription feed videos or just random ones that are linked in the recommendations or description boxes of the videos itself - that my morning or evening is gone in the blink of an eye, making my time not very productive at all. I am scared to look in my video history to see how many videos I have watched in total, as the last time I checked it was at 6,000+ and that was in the last 3 years. This is now my fourth year of watching YouTube and what can I say I jut love YouTube. 

4. Daydreaming: I mostly do this when eating, driving or simply dazing - the most random times really. There are always fantasy stories popping into my head wondering how different my life would be if I ventured down different paths. I tend to ask my questions like: what would I do if won the lottery, or if I lived in New York City, or what it would be like working my dream job?

5. List making: everyone that knows me can tell you that I am an avid list maker, usually for more reasons than necessary. I tend to rewrite the same list more than once, usually to avoid doing something, as a lot of the lists I write do not serve much of a purpose anyway. So as I love lists a large amount of stationery is required - pretty notebook collections, pens and of course highlighters and sticky notes are a must to. 

6. Tidying & Organising: The majority of the time (well in the late afternoon) I will come to a stop with all my motivation, especially if I have already been up at about 6am. My mind will start to wander and I will become restless, making it easier to get bored - that is why I have become obsessive with organsing my room and work space. This can happen at least a couple times a week - certainly with my work space and work routine.

7. Baking: is certainly a passion of mine and is one of the perfect sources of procrastination. You can spend a small or long amount of time pottering in the kitchen making a beautiful and delicious creation. There are no limits with what you can make and there is Google and Pinterest a click away for a inspirational recipe. Definitely one of my go-to tasks for procrastinating or a general activity.

8. Google searches: I love coming across new websites that are full of inspiration. Instagram accounts, blogs, craft stores, home ware shops, travel and pretty much anything down that avenue. I love discovering something new and seeing what potential motivation and inspiration it delivers. I would say that this occurs the most, due to me constantly being on the Internet and my mind (and eyes) wander very easily - concentration for a long period of time is not my cup of tea. 

So how do you like to procrastinate? 

M x 

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