Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blogmas 2014 update.

Good evening to you all (well in the southern hemisphere anyway), todays post is going to be a sit down relaxed chit chat post. 

 I feel like I am going fairly strong with the consistency of posting everyday for the blog series Blogmas. Yes, somedays have not been as detailed, but every now and then problems can get the best of us - however seeing as it is only a week until Christmas, I have got a bag full of goodies coming your way within the next week. 
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I enjoy the festive season each year and have already gained so much inspiration and confidence to take into the next year. I will not go into to much detail talking about 2014, as I am going to dedicate a whole post to talking about the past and the future. 

I have finished school and am a free bean - to travel, study, work and experiment with my blog, photography and videography. 

This was just a quick random post due to not feeling 100% this morning, but I plan to spend the evening and tomorrow morning preparing a range of posts that can be shared over the next week as Christmas draws to a quick close. 

I of course had to write a post and this way you know my whereabouts. 

Speak soon! 
M x 

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