Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Movie Night.

Welcome back to day three of Christmas festivities! I would have to say that this post has to be my favourite so far. 

It involves; DIY, family, friends, Christmas, food and films - what's not to love? 

Find a space in your home - clear the top of a cabinet or table, and put together a festive Christmas movie night table. 

You can of course change the design and food according to your own tastes, however it only requires basic ingredients and a lot of the pottery can be found at a local craft store, second hand shop or around your home. 

What you will need: 
Glass jars to display your food 
Popcorn boxes 
Milk Bottles 
Decorative accessories 

Popcorn Kernels (Follow the instructions on how to make) or pre-made popcorn 
Your favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe 

*Feel free to change the food around, add more for a larger spread and of course if you decide to create anything similar make sure to send me a picture or link it to me in the comment section down below. 

Go crazy decorating your space and making it your own. 

 Have the table close to the television so your guests and hop up and down to get more treats for the Christmas movie marathon. What are your favourite Christmas films? 

I personally love; The Holiday, Love Actually, Home Alone(s) & Nativity! 

These milk bottles are a nice element to add and of course you can add glasses of wine if you are of age, but if not milk and cookies are always a winner! 

Who doesn't love milk & cookies? 

I hope that you have enjoyed this post as much as I have, and make sure to pop back everyday up until Christmas for a new DIY or recipe! 

M x 

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