Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas with Kikki K.

Christmas has to be my absolute favourite time of the year and with stationery being my next obsession, the two mix together quite well. A stationery store here in Australia that literally makes me want to jump up and down with excitements and happiness every time I walk into the store is Kikki K. (Don't worry I keep myself calm!) 

I have mentioned this store a couple of times before and I thought I would share a few bits from their 2014 Christmas collection. To simply summarise the style of the brand, I would say that it is; stylish, modern, colourful, chic and pretty much everything that I love in the one place. 

So this post should give you an insight on the type of products that the brand offers! 

I absolutely adore the style of advent calendar, with its simplistic colours and style - it is a statement piece to add into your living area.

Although I didn't display it like the suggested image of a christmas tree, instead I found these old-style ladders to hang them off using different patterned ribbons, which gives it a whole new feature. 

Once you have displayed it how you like, go nuts adding treats or small gifts for your family friends to open throughout the month of December up until Christmas Day. I opted for a balance of sugary goodness and health bars that are on offer in the supermarket or specific whole food stores, as there is a mix of what people prefer in my family. 

This gorgeous chocolate bar packaging from Kikki K is a new feature they have added this year and have partnered with Koko Black to produce an amazing sweet gift. I do admit that I love a treat now an then and chocolate would have to be one of them, but I don't just go crazy choosing any chocolate bar off the shelves. This rich dark chocolate would have to be a preference and I cannot wait to indulge into it watching a christmas movie closer to Christmas. 

You can have the treats sticking out of the top or hidden away so you can only see the top of the wrapper. 

So as I am sure you can guess already, I am in love with Kikki K. I adore their card designs and as some of them are to nice to send away in the mail, I decided to make them into picture frames. After Christmas has sadly finished I will be visiting their store to see what other sweet and stylish picture cards there are to transform into a collage on my wall.

I picked up some frames from a cheap craft store and spray painted them black, as this made the colours in the cards stand out more. A little trim to the sides of the cards and voila you are simple decorations to place around the home. 

Make multiple to give as gifts and feel free to use leftover cards from the previous years. 
You can find similar cards that I used here, here & here

I hope that you have enjoyed this post as much as I have! 
Make sure to come back tomorrow as the post to be published will have to be one of my favourites! 

M x 

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