Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Favourite Christmas Reads.

Christmas is an exceptionally magical time of the year and there are many festive outings, activities and recipes to do. I love reading blogs in my spare time or whilst having a little relaxation time, so today I am sharing four of my favourite blogs that I have been reading throughout the month of December, but to be honest I love all of their content all year round. 
(*All images published are from the original creators website/ blog!) 


Olivia's blog is well executed and the content published is highly professional. All of her photographs are intriguing and nicely presented. I love her mix of style and lifestyle posts with the odd recipe that makes all of her posts appealing. 


 Carrie's blog is similar to Olivia's in the way of which the style and theme of the content covers the aspects of fashion, lifestyle, but this time the occasionally post or two of travel adventures. All of Carrie's photographs are executed beautifully and always capture such a lovely shot of either herself or objects around that compliment each other with the backgrounds and centred piece - she certainly know how to take an appealing photo. 

 A Beautiful Mess was created by sister duo Elsie & Emma. This blog is filled with everything creative from DIY's, recipes to a general women's lifestyle blog. The team at A Beautiful Mess continuously create content for their community of readers that is easy to read, follow and overall appealing. I love their work and again everything that is put into this blog. 


Sarah is the creator behind The Sugar Hit, which covers everything filled with sugar (well mostly any, the odd savoury here and there) and wow is her blog incredible. To be honest I think I am running out of describing words ahaha - but her simplistic designs are so eye catching and designed so well, that it is extremely tempting to want to make everything there and then. Sarah's Christmas posts have been exceptional and delicious - defiantly one of my favourite blogs. 

All of these blogs are lovely to read and all of the creators inspire me to continue working towards something that I love and can someday hopefully produce similar content to them. Whilst some photographs remain simple, all of the elements mixed together create a well planned and designed image that is appealing for the reader - I take my hat off to all of these girls for remaining positive with their blogs as they grow and I admire all of their work ethic, which someday I hope to have. 

I hope you enjoyed this style of post! 
M x 

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  1. Those blogs are amazing!