Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Favourites.

Throughout the Christmas season we all have favourite films, foods, traditions and special moments or elements that we like to cherish forever - today I am sharing with you all of mine. 

Favourite Christmas Films 
*Love Actually - by far my favourite 
*The Holiday 
*Four Christmases 
*Home Alone (all) 
* The Grinch 

Favourite Christmas Food 
*Turkey & Cranberry Sauce 
*Roasted Vegetables (I could have a plate full and be completely satisfied) 
*Mince Pies 
*Thornton's Chocolates 
*Walnut Whips 

When do you open presents? 
It started a few years back when my Dad decided to spread out the present opening throughout the day. This way you can be grateful for each gift that you have received and actually have time to play, make or read it - I cannot stand it when people unwrap everything at a speed, throw it all to the side and not actually thank the person and appreciate it. 

There is no set time as to when we open the presents, it could be a couple every hour or a few every other hour. I LOVE doing it this way and it is a family tradition that will remain for many years. We also take turns opening presents, it usually consists of us sitting in our living room near the Christmas tree, opening the presents in a circle (we all have designated spots). This way we can enjoy not only our gifts, but allow others to share the moment and presents with everyone that it around. 

Winter items you can't live without?
*Cosy Pyjamas 
*Warm food & drink 
*Jumpers & Coats  

How are you counting down to Christmas? 
Firstly I am counting down using my DIY stocking advent calendar, as I am removing the stocking each day so that it shows the amount of days to go until Christmas. 

Secondly I am using the Kikki K advent calendar, which my Mum has filled for everyone in my family so that we each have a different day - it is filled with sweets or small gifts.  

So these are some of my current Christmas favourites and family traditions. Please comment down below yours or link your blog post so that I can read. 

M x 

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