Thursday, April 24, 2014

A day in the city.

I am sadly coming to the end of my holiday break within the next few days and so I thought I would take a trip into the city for a wander of the shops and a bite to eat. 

I picked up a Chicken & Veg Bowl from Salsa's Fresh Mex Grill for lunch, which is an incredible place for Mexican food. The bowl was filled with lime rice, coriander, broccoli, zucchini, cheese and fresh salsa. mmm - yummy! 

I also visited our only Zara store in Burnside whilst I was out that way and was blown away with the store. I have loved Zara since I got my hands on my Zara City Bag and went shopping in it for the first time late last year. The prices were quite reasonable, but sadly I did not purchase anything. I will know for the future to head down there when the sales are on, but I am sure that it will become very hectic. 

One of our department stores has an amazing cookery section, which I was admiring all of the Jamie Oliver bits and pieces. Some day I will own his pots and pans or I hopefully plan on having some from the Tefal range. They are highly recommended and well if Jamie is using them they must be good. (He is my cooking idol, just to let you know!) 

I continued to browse the cooking department and was blown away with all of the appliances that someday I hope to own in my apartment and all of the crockery, glassware and serving platters that are so simple but classy. 

A browse in the bookshop was a necessity and these are a couple of the books that I currently have my eye on. 

So I had a quite a relaxing day in the city with my mum and younger brother and only bought a few bits and bobs. I plan on doing a haul within the next couple of weeks of the items that I have picked up over my holiday break. So Prepare yourselves it is quite a large one! In future when I go visiting places, I am more than happy to show you around with me, so let me know if that is something you would be interested in? 

Have a wonderful day and stay positive because it is nearly the weekend! 
Molly x 

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