Monday, April 21, 2014

Dessert Inspiration.

Good morning! 
Today I thought of doing something a little different than my usual motivational words. Monday will always be a place of motivation and inspiration so we can kick start the week on a positive note and with a boost of energy. Lately I have discovered the wonders of mini desserts and how fascinating the concept is. I had a vague idea before, but after browsing some images they are simply perfection. The small desserts presentation are so clean, neat, mouth-watering and of course just so elegant. To be honest I cannot find the word to describe them, but I think the pictures say it all. If you think about it any dessert that is out there today you can change the flavours, but more importantly the size. 

After a large meal sometimes you force yourself to eat the sweet because it is there and you don't want to seem rude, however if I was a host and put on this large and decorative spread of food, (which the idea of hosting dinner parties seems so lovely and exciting) the last thing I would want is a large dessert, so I think that I am more than likely to create these mini dessert canapés from now on. (If that is what you want to call them.) They are perfect, because some people might have a sweet tooth but do no have room to fit in a whole dessert, so this way you are simply tasting something sweet to solve that sweet craving, but only in one or two mouthfuls. The bonus is that you can try multiple if you feel like it, where as if there are a handful of normal sized desserts, people tend to choose one and not get a taste of the rest. 

(Images can be found on my Pinterest Board, where it can take you to the original source!)  

The possibilities are endless as per usual and I cannot wait to experiment with these later down the road. Cooking and especially baking is something that I have always been passionate about and cannot wait to see where it takes me in the future. I think that having your own catering business would be a dream come true on the side of an events management business. I love simplicity with colour and decoration, which can be pulled through into both of these careers. 

Anyway have a wonderful Easter Monday and I hope you all aren't feeling to sick after consuming to much chocolate yesterday, but that is the beauty of it isn't it? One day where you cannot get told off for the amount of chocolate you eat for breakfast! 
Molly xo 

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