Thursday, April 17, 2014

A spontaneous haul.

Good morning to you all on this beautiful sunny day! I apologise if it is currently raining where you are in the world, but I do wish it were cold and wintery here, as I do love myself a good winters day! Any who, I popped out to the shops this past weekend to buy a few essential bits and bobs and of course ended up purchasing some extra items as well. I am girl and I like to shop, what can I say. I thought it would be nice to show you’re the fashion and accessory bits that I picked up, because they are much nicer to see than the other boring bits.

So the first store that I wandered into was Cotton On, which is fantastic for basics, however they always have other lovely pieces that are still quite basic but just add a little sparkle to them. (Not legitimate sparkle/ glitter, just a bit more decoration.) I bought a beautiful beige blazer with a striped cuff liner that I have had my eye on for quite a while and managed to pick it up for $20.00, Bargain! Also from the same store I got my hands on a khaki green military style vest that is absolutely perfect. I have loved the army trend for some time now and was so happy to see it on sale for $20.00 also.

 The next store that I popped into was Colette, which offers an extensive range of jewellery and accessories. Of course there was a huge sticker in the window that said 50% off all Jewellery, and so I couldn’t go by without having a browse. The store is sucks you in because it is reasonably priced, it was a steal to purchase all of these goods for such a small price.

 At the moment I am in love with gold jewellery (hence the amount that I bought) over silver as it just speaks class, elegance and simplicity. I know I always use this expression but it simply just jazzes up an outfit to create a wow factor! If someone is selling anything gold then I am automatically in the store.

Statement necklaces have to be my most favourite part about styling outfits, because the majority that I wear will include a necklace of some kind. I am always on the look out for unique styles that spruce up an item of clothing. So if anyone knows of any online boutiques or stores that have beautiful jewellery and accessories then please feel free to comment down below. As always I love to hear your recommendations.

Whilst I was I was there, I picked up a pair of gorgeous sparkly earring and two pairs of rings; plain gold bands and decorative midi rings, which are so petite and beautiful. 

 Both of the stores are available for you to browse and shop online, so I will leave the links down below for you to click on over to the page.

So I believe that is it for now and as I am on holidays for 2 weeks from school, I am bound to be going shopping and different places, so stay tuned for those posts within the next few of weeks!
Molly xo

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