Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Wish list.

Happy Wednesday to you all… 
Here are a few bits and bobs that I have recently found whilst browsing the inter web and have been loving. Now, I always have lists on the go, there is no shock there, but I am always dreaming about what my closet or future home could look like and creating mental wish lists! So I instead of trying to remember each item in my head, I thought that it would be nice collate all of items that I admire and share them with all of you. 

Of course we are constantly wishing for different things whether it is to buy or to go, and so I have decided to create more of these in the future that are based around a specific topic; beauty fashion, home wares (certain rooms) and travel. This way it can give you an insight into different products that I just adore, which leads me onto a new series that is currently unnamed. This is where I am going to pick a room, occasion or place and put together an array of products that suit that particular style. This way you can gain some future inspiration and tips of matching certain items together. Now this may make no sense what so ever at this current moment, which is completely understandable, but it will all become clear when I start to post them! 

But for now, I would love to here what your current wish list is in the comment section below! 

Molly xo 


  1. Love this wish list:)
    I'm planning on doing one as well,so this is very inspirational to me.
    Love your blog .
    Antonella :)

    1. Thank you very much! I am glad this helped inspire you.
      Molly xo