Monday, April 28, 2014

Motivational Monday #7

As per usual a very happy Monday and I cannot believe that April is nearly over. It has honestly gone by in a flash. 

You have to realise in life that the conditions you work whether it is with regards to home, employment, social or even the actual weather, they are not all perfect. The world is not a perfect place and sadly is not filled with perfect people, even if you think so. You may look at this one person to be absolutely flawless and see their lifestyle, hair, skin, intelligence and style to be absolutely perfect and that they don't have a worry in the world, however that is not true. I know that we all admire many people and sometimes can't admit of being jealous about them, and are always comparing ourselves to them and how we are not good at what they do or who they are as a person, which makes us feel down. You will never truly know a person, because they only show and say what they want you to know and see, so on the inside it might not be all sunshine and happy days - that is a fact with most people. Everyone has the  smallest or silliest of imperfections that make them incomplete as a person like; having bitten nails, smelly feet, split ends, OCD or could simply be a health issue, but seriously the list goes on. 

So what I am trying to say to you all is don't wait for a perfect person or condition, because honestly you will be wasting valuable time. You have to adjust to the circumstances and make the most of it and realise that not everything you do, every decision made or person you meet is perfect. Adapt to it and make it count! 

Molly x 

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