Saturday, April 19, 2014

Styling a Black Pinafore Playsuit.

The black pinafore playsuit is such an old-fashioned piece of clothing that is now hitting the high streets and becoming more stylish. It is one of my current fashion loves and there are endless ways of styling them, so I thought I would show you how I like to style mine. Just a heads up… the pinafore in the collage is different to the one that I have linked down below (the one that I just adore), because the photograph from the website had a model wearing a striped tee underneath as well with a cluttered backdrop and once I had put all of the items together I thought that it clashed a little and there was just to many black and white stripes. So I just included a basic image of pinafore, so you could understand the style, however I much rather prefer the one from the clothing website Dissh.

Dissh is a unique online boutique that offers a wide range clothing and accessory pieces from a number of brands that are simply gorgeous. I have only recently come across this website, but I am sure that I will be revisiting shortly.

The pinafore is a simple design that can be dressed in so many ways and I have been loving the trend of  wearing tights underneath shorts, playsuits or skorts and now a pinafore.

Striped top // Black Floppy Hat// Pinafore Playsuit// Red Lipstick// Ankle Boots// Gold Necklace// Tights// Watch//

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I style certain clothing items and I have more planned for the future of photographs that I have seen, but have turned into my very own creation.

Molly xo 


  1. Ohh I definitely want to get my hands on a pinafore seeing as winter is coming in Australia I think it will work well with layers and boots :)
    Rose x

    1. ooooh yes! You are on my wave length with that! haha I am trying to get my hands on one as well!
      Molly x